The very best of Spock


We at Trek Tapestry were saddened today by Leonard Nimoy’s passing. Nimoy played (arguably) Trek’s most important and consequential character — and was the only actor to participate in all generations of Trek, up through “Star Trek Into Darkness” in 2013.

In honor of Nimoy, who brought so much to Star Trek in nearly five decades of work with the franchise, here are some of our favorite Spock moments.

The Naked Time


The first episode where we get a character study of most of the regulars is (naturally) the first where we learn about the Spock’s inner demons. The briefing room scene is arguably where Spock came together as a character.

Balance of Terror


One of the episodes that made our Tapestry, we learn a lot about how bigotry is viewed in the 23rd century by Kirk’s defense of Spock against the racism of a guest character.

Devil in the Dark


A great episode that shows Trek’s respect for life. Kirk (hesitantly) countermanding Spock’s orders to not kill the Horta is a great moment. Spock’s mind meld with the creature and happiness from Kirk, Spock and McCoy after they avoided killing are signature moments of the series.

Amok Time


Another part of the Tapestry. Our first and only trip to the surface of Vulcan during TOS is arguably one of the most iconic episodes of the series. It’s slightly over the top and (ironically) has logical flaws. But it’s one of Trek’s most engaging hours. The final scene, where a joyful Spock learns that Kirk is, in fact, alive is a key moment.

Mirror, Mirror


As iconic as they come. Evil Spock, with a beard, set in motion dozens of spoofs. But Nimoy might be at his very best in this episode as evil Spock AND good Spock (who’s actually great in limited scenes dealing with the evil Kirk and Co.). Of course, this episode made the Tapestry.

Journey to Babel


Yet another Tapestry episode, we meet Spock’s parents and get a feel of the galactic family that is the Federation. Nimoy hits all the right notes as he plays Spock as more cold and logical than in most episodes with his father around.

The Enterprise Incident


Vulcan eroticism on 1968 TV? Trek pulled it off and somehow got it past the censors. Kirk and Spock doing their “Mission Impossible” thing was truly great. This was another Tapestry episode.

All Our Yesterdays


What happens when a Vulcan devolves? He gets angry. Nimoy plays Spock as he struggles with emotions coming to the surface. As our friends at Mission Log often say, bad things happen when Spock smiles.

Thanks, Mr. Nimoy, for everything.


Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

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