Star Trek: The Original Series

Also know as “The Original Series” or TOS, Star Trek was the series that started it all. Including, unfortunately for you, this blog. Episodes that are linked are ones that we think make the Trek Tapestry (with all due respect to Dr. Roger Korby and the M113 creature).

The Most Historic TOS episodes & films

  1. “The Cage” — Spock smiling and exclaiming “THE WOMEN!” at random.
  2. “Where No Man Has Gone Before” — Kirk fist fighting with a god in the show so nice, we piloted it twice!
  3. “The Corbomite Maneuver” — Clint Howard’s Star Trek career begins early.
  4. “Balance of Terror” — The Romulans invent Skype, and also a cloaking device. Some Earthlings are jerks. And submarine warfare… in space!
  5. “Tomorrow is Yesterday” — The Enterprise travels back to the ’60s, smashes a fighter plane and takes its pilot on a tour of his and Earth’s future. Unrelated: Stafleet opens a temporal investigations branch soon thereafter.
  6. “Space Seed” — We get our first peak at the chest that would launch a film franchise. Oh and it’s one of the most important episodes in the tapestry of the Trek universe.
  7. “The Errand of Mercy” — There’s no honor, bat’leths, or forehead ridges, but the Klingon’s make their historic debut!
  8. “Amok Time” — A crash course in Vulcan history, mating rituals, soups plus iconic fight scene music!
  9. “Metamorphosis” — Meet the sober, parochial and lonley-hearted inventor of warp drive
  10. “Mirror, Mirror” — The mirror universe makes its first of many appearances in Trek’s tapestry, also goatees-noting-the-evil-twin trope gets started here.
  11. “Bread and Circuses” — Gladitorial games, sexy slaves, and submachinegun toting Romans are fun, but the Prime Directive is what makes it important to Trek’s tapestry.
  12. “Journey to Babel” —We get introduced to a much more diverse United Federation of Planets, and some bad green blood between Spock and his pops.
  13. “The Enterprise Incident” — We learn more about the Romulans, and their tech exchange with the Klingons.
  14. “The Savage Curtain” — We meet the founders of Vulcan logic, the Klingon empire, Abe Lincoln and a witch and then they fight to the death.
  15. The episodes that you probably ought to view as well, though they’re not as historically relevant as the 14 we’ve reviewed so far.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three


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