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Star Trek Beyond


Star Trek Beyond — It’s got explosions, and shooting, and motorcycles. And yet it’s also a good Trek movie.

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Star Trek Into Darkness — Robocop teams up with Sherlock Holmes, and surprise! It’s Khhhhhhaaaaaaaaannnn!

Star Trek (2009) — Spock and a Romulan reboot our entire Trek timeline. The new future has… So. Much. Lens. Flare.

The best (and worst) of Trek — It’s our top and bottom 10 episodes spanning 5 series and 10 movies.

…gettin’ from there to here — Lets look at the best and worst episodes that didn’t have profound effects on the Trek timeline.

“These Are the Voyages…” — Riker and Troi give Enterprise and second-generation Star Trek a send off. Of sorts.

“Demons” / “Terra Prime” — Human xenophobes disrupt the precursor to the Federation with a Vulcan/human hybrid baby.

“In a Mirror, Darkly” — Enterprise reaches Peak Fan Service™ in the mirror universe.

“Bound” — We learn about the Orions, and how good T’Pol’s chili is. No really.

“Affliction”/”Divergence” — Computer viruses almost blow up the Enterprise, and Khan-influenced viruses act like botox on Klingon foreheads.

“Babel One”/ “United”/ “The Aenar” — Archer must fight the Romulans, an Andorian and broker peace with the Tellarites.

“The Forge”/ “Awakening”/ “Kir’Shara” — Archer helps the Vulcans become both logical and honorable, leading to what we see in TOS.

“Borderland” / “Cold Station 12” / “The Augments” — Khan and Data’s origins, plus a closer look at Orion slavers. Let the fan service begin!

“Storm Front” — The Temporal Cold War comes to an end. Finally!

“The Council”/ “Countdown”/ “Zero Hour” — Season 3 ends with betrayal, a boom, and Space Nazis?!

“Azati Prime”/ “Damage”/ “The Forgotten” — Archer gets some Xindi on his side, and his ship gets blow’d up.

“Proving Ground / “Stratagem” / “Harbinger” — We learn more about Degra, the Xindi weapon designer, and Tucker and T’Pol improve “inter-species relations.”

“The Shipment” — Archer uses talk, not torpedos, to make progress against the Xindi.

“The Xindi” / “Anomaly” — Archer uses “enhanced interrogation techniques” to get intel about the new threat to Earth.

“The Expanse” — Earth gets shot up, and the show goes in a whole new direction.

“Cease Fire” — The crew help broker an accord between the Vulcans and Andorian.

“The Communicator” — Archer and Reed contaminate a primitive culture. If only they had a rule, maybe a directive, to provide guidance in these situations …

“Minefield” — Humanity gets its first look (sort of) at the Romulans.

“Shockwave” — Archer’s mission almost gets canceled but not by UPN (this time).

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